7 must-have aromatherapy products to explore this autumn

Aromatherapy perfect for a warm and cosy fall day

Ah, the long summer days are but a memory as the season shifts into autumn. It’s finally time to find your cosy jumpers forgotten somewhere at the bottom of your wardrobe. The world is inviting you back inside again, to spend more time in your home and with your loved ones. Sure, there will be plenty of walks in the park to admire leaves changing colour from vivid greens to rich reds and bright yellows but when the evening draws near you will hurry back home to find your cosy sanctuary. And what better way to create a relaxed and warming ambiance in your space than aromatherapy.


Explore our range of essential oils, incense sticks and oil burner sets here at MyDepoz and bring tranquility and beautiful fragrances into your home.


Perfume Diffuser in 3 flavours (Rose, Lavender & Vanilla)


This little discreet perfume diffuser is an absolute home essential if you are looking to bring style and gorgeous scents to your surroundings. The diffuser soaks up the fragrant oil and disperses the scent into the air creating a lasting aroma. Welcome your guests with one of these enticing smells: sweet rose, calming lavender or warming vanilla. Transform your lounge, bedroom and bathroom into a cosy oasis of heavenly scents.




Burning incense has been considered an important ritual throughout the ages. Bringing incense sticks into your environment can help increase your focus and calm, reduce stress and anxiety as well as stimulate creativity. This ancient tradition will purify your space and make you feel more at ease. Last but not least, use these aromatic incense sticks to enjoy the simple pleasure of a lovely floral smell. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your friends and family or wanting to create a relaxing space in your own home the incense sticks floral collection has you covered. Enjoy the wonderful scents of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender and make burning incense your own little ritual.


Difuser gift set


How about bringing some elegance into your space whilst creating an unforgettable ambiance with this gorgeous diffuser set that will awaken your senses. Sweet warming smell of hypnotic Amber and spicy Patchouli will surround you and keep you cosy like a chunky blanket, whilst the earthy intoxicating notes of Musk and Sandalwood will be a trusted friend when you want to relax and feel grounded. A perfect gift for that special someone.


Oil Burner Oil set of 9 Fragrances 10ML each pack of 9


Beautiful fragrances can impact your mood and wellbeing in an instance. So why settle for one when you can have 9 magical scents in one set? Whether you’re craving some tranquil harmony, sweet notes of romance or uplifting aroma of pure joy this oil burner oil set has it all. Explore this wonderful range of fragrances in the quiet of your home – the world can wait.


Ceramic Oil Burner Gift Set With Scented Glass Candle in four flavours


Imagine getting cosy in your most comfortable armchair with a cup of favourite tea in one hand and a great book in the other. Now you light a scented candle and place it under a beautiful ceramic oil burner. Your home fills with the sweet notes of vanilla or spicy and warming cinnamon. You sigh with content because what can be better than a tranquil night-in when it’s cold and grey outside. This elegant ceramic oil burner gift set comes in 4 lovely aromas: vanilla, cinnamon, wood and fresh linen.




They say variety is the spice of life and with this fun oil burner set you can enjoy a different scent for each month of the year! The selection of 12 gorgeous oils and the ceramic oil burner would make a perfect gift for any aromatherapy enthusiast. Pssst… remember that buying gifts for yourself also counts. Go on, treat yourself!


Ceramic Oil Burner Gift Set Aromatherapy With 12 Fragrant Essential Oils


Last but not least, explore these 12 fragrant essential oils neatly packed in this elegant ceramic oil burner set. Not sure which scent would best accompany a rainy October evening? No worries! Each oil has been carefully selected to bring out the aura of any given month and into your surroundings. And even if you don’t like to follow rules you will surely enjoy burning April’s sensual lavender in the middle of autumn. Because who doesn’t like to riot once in a while.

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