Fireworks at MyDepoz, starting 2022 the right way with diaries, a diary and planner items for the new year

A date for your diaries – products to start 2022 off right

Diaries, party poppers and calendars, MyDepoz has everything you need to start the year right!

A date for your diaries: the New Year is only just around the corner and there are lots of different ways of welcoming in the New Year that change from country to country. At MyDepoz, however you want to celebrate 2022, we have a host of products and tools to help you start of 2022 on the right foot, ready to make it the best year possible! If you are preparing for a big party to welcome the new year then we can provide you with all the trimmings for the perfect celebration to spark fireworks with you and those that are close to you. After the challenging past few years, we certainly deserve a proper holiday!


A date for your diary:

With the new year comes a whole new need for planning your special events. At MyDepoz we have you covered with a collection of diaries and calendars that will suit you for whatever your needs or purposes are in 2022. Here are some of our favourite options to help keep you organized in the new year to make sure that you never miss a date again.


2022 Three Months To View Spiral Bound Wall Calendar

Do you sometimes wish you could see into the future? Well with our three month to view calendar you can! Never double book yourself again as you will have the foresight to see all your upcoming events while still having the detail you need to see what holidays and bookings you have this very month. With a convenient spiral bound style, this can hang from any wall and is very simple to change months and keep track of time. Even better, this calendar has a conversions table at the back to help you simply convert metric to imperial measurements.


2022 A4/A5/A6 Diary Week To View Diary And Day A Page Hard Backed Diary

If you prefer to have your content in a hardback book and not on the wall then we have a variety of products for you. With a full range of sizes and colours including A4, A5 and A6 we have the diary to suit your needs, whatever they may be. If you need it for you office desk, school bag or purse our wide range of colours and sizes at MyDepoz is the perfect fit! 2022 has never been so stylish and at an affordable price you can plan your perfect year all from the comfort of your home, or wherever you may find yourself. In blue, black or red, these strong and sturdy stationary equipment will help you plan and prepare for anything that 2022 throws at us. These diaries also come in options such as a day a page for those that have busy schedules or week to view for those that like to plan big weekly events.


2022 is a year to party!

With NYE (New Year’s Eve) just around the corner, and Christmas creeping up, we want to help you brighten your dark months of winter with a host of lights and party essentials. Here are some of our top items for Christmas or NYE parties:


Bo Led Programmable Timer

These colourful LED lights come in a variety of quantities from 50 to 100 depending on just how much light you want. With a combination of colours these LED lights with programmable timers will help to keep you party bright and on track with a combination of colours that add the perfect sparkle to any occasion. In fact, these lights don’t even need a party! They are perfect for you dorm room, student flat or bedroom to add an extra sparkle from fairy lights. And as they are programmable, they can keep perfect time and don’t need to be constantly switched on or turned off.



What better way to begin the new year than with a BANG?! These party poppers will do just that and can be used to commemorate any special occasion from ringing in the new year with your friends and family to celebrating a loved one’s birthday or wedding. Bring the fireworks to your party with these dozen party poppers. Start the year with a celebration and this box of 12 fun time party poppers.


Time To Party Blowers 6 PK


Another perfect item for any celebration is our party blowers!! Who needs a trumpet or a horn to ring in a special event when you can use these party blowers. With half a dozen in the pack and a variety of colours, these fun musical items can add a great sound to any party you may have. From surprise birthday parties to NYE celebrations, these colourful and sparkly party blowers will make your event a day (or night) remember. And what’s even better is that these items are complete with a multibuy offer! So the more you buy, the more you save. Don’t miss out! Celebrate 2022 the way you want to.


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