Back to school written on a chalk board for MyDepoz back to school essentials list of top 10 items for students to bring back to school

Back to School Essentials for 2021

Back to school written on a chalk board for MyDepoz back to school essentials list of top 10 items for students to bring back to school

The MyDepoz top 10 list of back to school supplies

Did you know that going back to school is becoming more and more expensive? We want to change that. As the summer comes to an end, it is time to put away the paddling pool and start reading in preparation for the new school year. Whatever year you or your child is going into, or whatever academic challenges face you in the new school year, there are several essential items that every student should have when going back to school. At MyDepoz we aim to reduce waste and provide the essentials for a reasonable price. This eco-friendly approach has allows us to reduce waste and allows you, as a customer, to take environmentalism into your own hands by only providing you with the bare necessities complete with fast delivery and excellent customer service.

But what items from your backpack are “essentials”? As your one stop shop for household and back to school essentials, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite items to take the stress out of back to school shopping. If you are based in the United Kingdom, or abroad, here is our list of back to school essentials:


1. Back To School And Office Essentials Pen Pencils Highlighter Set

If you are going back to school, or back to the office after working remotely, this back to school essentials set has everything you need for your lessons, studies or office meetings. Complete with three pencils, a black and blue pen, a classic yellow highlighter, an eraser / rubber and a pencil sharpener, you will never be caught off guard again! This item is perfect for the one stop shopper, and what’s better than having all the essentials in the same place? A multi-buy discount! Did you know that if you buy five or more of the back to school and office essentials, pen, pencils and highlighter set, you qualify for a discount? Getting this multi value set with a discount is as simple as this:

  • ​​Buy 5 to get 5% discount
  • Buy more than 6 to get 7.5% discount
  • Buy more than 11 to get 10% discount

2. HB Pencils With Erasers Set 20 Pk

Have you ever forgotten a pencil? When you need one most if feels very difficult to find, but with our multi buy HB pencils 20 pack you will never be short when you need it. If you are sketching for an art project, doodling while paying attention in class or simply jotting down ideas for a new startup, a pencil can be the difference between an idea being remembered forever or forgotten in a heartbeat. Don’t forget that when you go back to school, pencils are an incredible and versatile tool for any classroom. And if you make a mistake then don’t worry because each of these pencils comes equipped with a handy eraser that will make short work of any mistakes on your paper or notepad.

3. Retractable Ballpoint Pens Black 8 Pack

Pens are back to school essentials for students of all ages and levels. The quintessential piece of kit for any office, classroom, lecture hall or cafe, this eight pack of black ballpoint pens for £1.63 is the best value for money that you will find! Never be short on notes again, and never have to borrow items from your classmates. By coming equipped with a multi-pack of ballpoint pens in classic black colour you will help fight waste plastic that fills the landfills with unused or lost pens.

4. 3 Pk Ruler Set

If you spent all summer online then returning to school could be a harsh welcome back to reality, but if you are online, or simply need a straight line, this 3 pack ruler set will ensure that you are perfectly equipped to deal with any school task or homework. Complete with a letter stencil, measuring in inches or centimeters, this ruler set is perfect for those working in imperial or the metric system. The ultimate piece of stationary will give you straight lines for a very low price and takes the headache out of back to school shopping.

5. 36 Wax Crayons

No classroom is complete without coloured crayons. If you are a teacher looking for cheap classroom essentials, or a student that loves to draw and colour, then this 36 pack of coloured wax crayons is the perfect item for you. With the rainbow at your fingertips any creative project that you have your mind set on will have an added sparkle and detail. This stationary and school equipment is even more affordable than you may think! Just a couple pennies more than £2 and this boxset can be all yours. What’s even better? For the teacher on a budget looking for classroom supplies, this item qualifies for a multibuy discount! Simply add this item to your basket and enjoy savings.

  • Buy 5 to get 5% discount
  • Buy more than 6 to get 7.5% discount
  • Buy more than 11 to get 10% discount

6. 4 Assorted Coloured Highlighters

The highlight of the show, if you excuse the pun, is our 4 pack of vibrant and neon highlighters! With a pack of four assorted colours from the classic yellow, to the vibrant pink, timeless orange and the glamorous green, this pack of highlighters will make sure that you never miss a piece of important information ever again. Perfect for A-level students or children studying for GCSEs, or even for the savvy book learner, this item will take your note taking to a new level by giving you the power to highlight the most important parts of your core texts.

7. Correction Mouse

People make mistakes, but it is important not to let these mistakes define you. No matter how big the mistake, this white-out correction mouse will put you back on the right track. Covering mistakes from pens, pencils, ink or anything in between, this super strong item puts the power back in your hands. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s about learning from them. At 5mm wide, this two piece correction mouse multi buy set offers you a smooth and thin correction for any mistakes.

8. A4 Dividers 10,12 & 15

When you’re preparing for school, binders and folders are your best friend as they can help keep individual subjects and topics separate. With our A4 dividers sold in sets of 10, 12 and 15, you can add colour to your ring binder while staying organised. We put the power of choice in your hands by reducing waste so that you only buy what you need for school. This stationary and school equipment is an essential for any student over the age of 10 as they prepare for the real world and want to excel at their studies.

9. Sticky Notes

Did you know that we sell various types of sticky notes to help you keep track of all your great ideas and to-do lists? Perfect for long night study sessions, these neon sticky notes will be the ultimate option for the office or the library. Sold in yellow, orange, pink and green these self adhesive pieces of paper are perfect for your school desk. If you prefer novelty items, we have those too! Our 3 novelty sticky notes multi buy set is perfect for the budding creative who wants to become more organised. These novelty sticky notes come in three colours with three unique pieces of writing on them. Green says “Approved”, Pink says “Urgent” and the classic Yellow says “To Doz” for all your to do list needs.

10. Anker Desk Calculator

Every desk needs quick access to a calculator, and if you are in a maths lesson, or working in an office, this is no exception! Our dual powered, cheap, simple to navigate and efficient calculator is the perfect option for anyone that needs a bit of extra help with numbers, or for a student that needs to calculate things in a split second.

Whatever age you are, or whatever school year you are going into either as a student, or a teacher, MyDepoz has you covered with our eco-friendly, zero waste products, available with swift delivery from your local, global online retailer.


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