My Depoz top biodegradable products for kitchens and colleges and universities

Kit Out Your College Canteen

MyDepoz top biodegradable products for universities, industrial kitchens and college

With the kids returning to school and students preparing to embark on an exciting new adventure in college, canteens and kitchens across the globe prepare to feed hundreds, if not thousands, of academics. However, while catering for a large amount of people may seem daunting, there is one aspect that many kitchens neglect: biodegradable kitchen equipment. Did you know that there is actually a ranking system for the most sustainable universities? Taking care of the environment has become a top priority and a business differential for many higher education institutions, so this is why we are proud to announce that MyDepoz offers a range of biodegradable and eco-friendly products for any kitchen or canteen.


However, to help your eco-friendly endeavours, here are our favourite items that we think every eco-friendly kitchen should have.


100 piece set of biodegradable, bamboo cutlery


Every single diner needs to have cutlery and thankfully at MyDepoz, you are spoiled for choice! With our affordable packages of cutlery you can buy 100 knives, forks or spoons all from one handy landing page! This biodegradable essential will be perfect for any canteen, kitchen or even for an individual who cares about the environment. Using  cutlery made out of wood greatly reduces environmental impact by minimising plastic use.


15 wooden knives, forks and spoons


This item is perfect for any eco-warrior. Never be caught without a plastic-free cutlery set. This set can fit perfectly into any backpack, handbag or school bag and contains five knives, forks and spoons totalling up to 15 pieces! 


Pack Of 20 Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws


These eco-friendly drinking straws provide the convenience and smooth experience of a standard straw but with hardly any plastic! If you love drinking through a straw but are concerned about the environmental impact of plastic straws then this item is perfect for you. Without the pain of soggy paper straws, these drinking straws provide an excellent sipping experience that every university fresher should have equipped. Even better, we are offering a multi-buy discount and if you buy 5, you get a 5% discount, buy more than 6 to get 7.5% discount, and buy more than 11 to get 10% discount!


Pack Of 50 Eco Friendly Paper Straws

If you prefer quantity over quantity then these paper straws are the item for you. While sturdy, these naturally biodegradable products are flying off the shelf so buy them while you still can! For bars, cafes or canteens that serve hundreds of people drinks a day, this is the perfect item to keep your customers happy and confident that you care about the environment as much as they do.


40 Multicoloured Chef Aid Biodegradable Straws – Assorted Colours

For the colourful connoisseur of drinks, these biodegradable and brightly coloured straws are the perfect addition to any university experience. Those in charge of procuring canteen equipment should take note of these eye catching and low waste straws, brought to you by Chef Aid


Biodegradable and compostable Freezer Bags 30pc

According to scientific study, the average university loses at least $1 per person, per day to food waste. If you are finding that you keep throwing away perfectly good food then this is the item for you. Not only do these freezer bags reduce food waste from industrial or personal kitchens, but they are biodegradable and compostable too! This means they fight waste on multiple fronts and help you as a university or a student to combat climate change.


​​Eco Sandwich Bags 25pk


Like the freezer bags, these eco-friendly sandwich bags pack an environmental punch, reducing waste and perfect for packed lunches or for any field trip. Perfect size for snacks and food the easy dispenser in this product means that protecting the environment and your college’s food has never been easier.


If you are a university, or educational institution and want to learn more about how MyDepoz can provide you with a fully equipped and eco-friendly kitchen, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help!

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