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Simplifying Christmas with Chefaid

With Christmas just around the corner there are Chefaid products at MyDepoz that will help you with all the cooking and baking that the festive season brings.

MyDepoz is a proud seller of ChefAid products and here are some of the best of the best items that we can offer you, and how they can be helpful to you and your family or friends this festive season. Chefaid is a provider of excellent quality and value for money kitchenware products for student homes, school canteens or anywhere that food is made!


Here is a spotlight of some of our favourite Chefaid products:


Chefaid Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Are you tired of cutting pizza into messy slices with a knife, or frantically searching for a clean pair of scissors? Once you have tried the simplest and most efficient way of slicing pizza with the Chefaid stainless steel pizza cutter, you will never go back! This product is perfectly sized to fit in any draw and its steel frame makes it sturdy and lightweight. No more messy pizza. Cut the perfect slice every time.


Chefaid Sieve Strainer Mesh Wire Flour Baking Kitchen In Size Of 3set 24/20/16CM

Did you know that the secret to a good bake is sifting the flower? Not many bakers know this but it adds a dynamic lightness to the baked goods. From pancakes to cakes, the Chefaid sieve strainer made out of mesh wire comes in a set of three so that you always have the right tool at hand. Not only can this item be used to make your cakes and baked goods taste even better, but it can be used to drain pasta, or even sprinkle icing sugar over your baked goods giving them the perfect and festive finish.


Chefaid Onion Holder

Onions are without a doubt a staple in the modern diet. When we make food, practically every meal comes with sliced onions, but what is the world part about cutting onions? Well once you make it past the initial tears, the smell seems to stick to your fingers for hours, or DAYS after. Also, because onions can be slippery it can be difficult to safely slice them. This is where the Chefaid onion holder comes in. This useful tool can make light work of any onions you may have, helping you to cut them into perfectly uniform sizes without the smell sticking to you for a long time after. 


Chefaid Tea Bag Squeezer

Something is brewing here at MyDepoz, and it is the perfect cup of tea! Did you know that in Britain alone, more than 100,000,000 cups of tea are consumed every single day? With the Chefaid tea bag squeezer you can say goodbye to rummaging through your draws looking for the right teaspoon. This tea bag squeezer minimises the mess caused from brewing a tea bag and gives you the power to brew your tea to the perfect requirements, whatever they may be! 


Chefaid Lancashire Peeler

The Lancashire peeler is a classic piece of kitchenware invented in Lancashire, UK. This was because the region is well known for its potato and vegetable growing so they developed the peeler that worked perfectly for skinning vegetables of all varieties. This product has built on centuries of design and practical use to develop a streamlined tool that should be found in every kitchen! Claim back time from peeling all those vegetables and potatoes, get the classic Lancashire peeler now, brought to you by Chefaid


Chefaid 200 Cocktail Sticks

Kebabs, cocktail sausages, christmas cakes, marshmallows, cocktail sticks have so many uses and with 200 sticks in this package you will have all the tools you need for whatever you may be making.

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