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There are countless possibilities in the kitchen, and during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns, the popularity of cooking and baking was a welcome solace for many. In fact, the BBC states that cooking and baking filled a void for thousands of us during these difficult times. If you bake for charitable causes, to pass the time, or just for the love of it, there are several items that every aspiring baker should have equipped in their arsenal of utensils. Toastabag, and MyDepoz has the solution.

At MyDepoz we stock a wide range of kitchen utensils and tools to help simplify your baking and cooking experience. Here is a list of our favourite Toastabag products, and the possibilities truly are endless


Toastabag Thermo Bags

A classic staple for every kitchen, especially those of us that prepare our own lunches. This thermo bag brought to you by Toastabag, keeps food fresh, is reusable and comes equipped with a ziplock tie for ultimate freshness. This product is ideal for sandwiches, pastries, baked goods, or anything else that you want to keep fresh!


In fact, did you know that you can save up to £1000 per year by preparing your own lunches at home? Not only does this benefit your wallet, but also the environment as pre-made meals are often wrapped in several layers of plastic creating unwanted ecological waste. This thermo bag will help you cut back on waste, cost and provides you the ultimate freshness.


Toastabags Planit Fat Controller GR3 

If you are a meat lover, or a grill addict then this product is perfect for you. These grill and oven pads help to reduce your fat intake by absorbing excess fat and provides an even cooking experience all without any clean up! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not because we are selling these products in packs of 3 and 10 meaning that you have exactly what you need to grill bacon, sausages, cheese toasties or anything else! 


Toastabags Planit Make & Bake Cake Liner

If like us, you have been perfecting your baking over the past several months then get ready to take it to the next level with our bespoke tray liners. These mess-free baking essentials come in a variety of sizes in  7”, 8” and 9” meaning that virtually any baking tray would benefit from this. Get ready to pull out the perfect bake with no mess and no grease on your beautiful baking trays. These cake tray liners are the perfect alternative to parchment paper and there is no need to grease them before use, removing the sticky unpleasantness that usually comes with making. Also, they are reusable meaning that you get more value for your money.


Toastabags Universal Loaf Tin Liner

If your baking tray is not suited for the Toastabag Planit Make and Bake Cake Liner then the unverversal loaf tin liner is the ideal alternative. Perfect for baking tins to make cakes and loaves up to 2lbs! These pre-sized liners help create the perfect bake without any of the mess. Fitting most tin sizes this reusable alternative to parchment paper promises you a great bake and even better value for money!


Toastabag Easiliner

It goes without saying that the worst part about cooking is the clean up. No one wants to spend hours scrubbing greasy and grimy pans, and leaving them to soak overnight is a lie that we have all told ourselves at some point as we are greeted by a mound of dirty dishes from the days before. 


This is where Toastabag’s Easiliner comes in. This is the ultimate liner for pans, trays, dishes and kitchens. The sheets come in approx 45 x 50cm and offer non-stick baking support, keeping dishes and trays clean with minimal effort. What sets this product above its competitors is that it is also microwavable, oven, freezer and fridge friendly. These are sold in packs of 18 meaning that you can get up to 3 weeks of use out of them! Don’t waste time cleaning and scrubbing. Easiliner is here to help.


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