Diffuser Perfume in 3 flavours (Rose, Lavender & Vanilla)

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Diffuser Perfume in 3 flavours (Rose, Lavender & Vanilla)

  • Contains 3 different fragrance reed diffuser, 30ml for each, Lavender, Rose, and Vanilla. French Lavender is a soft floral scent with minty herbal notes. Romantic Rose is reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly cut rose flowers, feeling passionate and energetic. Vanilla brings a rich sweet fragrance with notes of honey and a sharp finish.
  • The fragrance content is twice that of similar products, not only making it easy to notice the fragrance, but also extend its longevity.
  • Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, all in a gift presented box which makes an ideal gift for housewarming, anniversaries, birthdays; Instant air freshener for any room. Place each at different rooms to create a pleasing and enjoyable atmosphere.


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ALL 3 SET, Lavender, ROSE, Vanilla


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