Oven Liner Heavy Duty 40x50cm

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Oven Liner Heavy Duty 40x50cm



Non Stick Reusable Heavy Duty Oven Liner 40x50cm
line the base of your oven and reduce the need for cleaning

easily cut to size

made from PTFE coated non stick fabric

withstands oven temperatures up to 260c – 500F gas mark 10
dishwasher safe
suitable for gas and electric ovens
suitable for fan ovens
Liners should be wiped clean regularly to prevent build up of food & grease.
Do not exceed an oven temperature of 260c./500f the liner will release fumes that can cause flu like symptoms.
Do not expose directly to naked flames, burners, grill, or heating elements.
Do not fold or crease liner.
After use wipe the liner and wash by hand or in dishwasher with care


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